Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Namibian Delivery for Britney's Newest Bundle?

Namibian Deputy Environment and Tourism Minister Leonard Jooste released a statement yesterday saying that he had been contacted by persons representing jiggly popstar and expectant mother Britney Spears concerning the possibility of Spears giving birth to her second child in Namibia.

Jooste later told reporters that there was a "definite possibility" that this would happen. Jooste said that the Namibian government would be more than happy to issue the necessary visas to Spears, but may have to decline admission to the country to Britney's husband, ManSlut Kevin Federline. Jooste explained, "We don't let just anyone into Namibia, we have our standards ya know."

Namibia would certainly afford Britney the privacy she so desperately craves. She came under fire recently for being photographed driving with her newborn son in her lap. Britany defended herself by saying, ""I did it with my dad. I'd sit on his lap and I drive, We're country." Britney says that at two months old, Sean Preston was a natural driver, very country.

Britney has also had to vehemently deny reports that her marriage to ManSlut Kevin Federline is on the rocks and that she makes him sleep in the basement. Spears told Matt Lauer on "Dateline" that her marriage to Federline is "awesome" and he only goes down to the basement to smoke his dope and look at internet porn.

Later on in the show ManSlut Federline told Lauer, "I don't what everyone is picking on me for. I married a teen queen and now I got Wynona in a bleach blond wig."

It seems that Federline is making an honest effort to make a living above and beyond his floundering rap career. Blue Marlin Clothing line has signed Federline to hawk there new line of vintage style clothing to be sold at Macy's. A representative of Blue Marlin Clothing had this to say, "We really want to market this clothing line to the white trash market. Our message is you can be stylish and unwashed at the same time. Look at ManSlut Kevin Federline."

When asked if he will resume his rap career, Federline had this to say, "Uh, sure." When asked if he would like to accompany Britney to Namibia for the birth of their second child, he replied, "Heck yeah, I love Vegas!"

This will be the second child for Britney and Federline. Federline has two children, Kori and Kaleb from his previous marriage and Lord only knows how many others.


Anonymous said...

I heard Michael Jackson is pregnant and will soon deliver the first butt-baby in Baaaaah-rain or Germany, depending on who he feels the most "love" from.

Red Tulips said...

By the way, that image of Britney Spears is frightening...