Monday, September 11, 2006

Perspective is a Wonderful Thing.

Number of Deaths at the Hands of Terrorists on September 11, 2002: 2,973
Number of Deaths in 2002 Due to Colorectal Cancer: 56603
Number of People Newly Diagnosed in 2002 with Colorectal Cancer: 139534

The War on Colon Cancer doesn't make the news on a daily basis. We don't wave American Flags and weep and talk about colon cancer. However, cancer is coming to us in the dead of night in our beds and picking us off one by one. Families are being torn to pieces. Children are being orphaned. Spouses are being widowed. Many of the diagnosed will die within five years. 100% of the survivors will live with constant fear of recurrence. The two main treatments for colon cancer are resection of body parts and poison.

Colon Cancer does not discriminate. Men, Women, Jews, Moslems. Hindus, Christians, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Russians, Irish, Africans, Old and YOUNG can all fall victim. This is the global war we should all be talking about.

Be vigilant against this terrorist - talk to your doctor about colonoscopy.

Sara (Survivor of WTC attacks and Fatherless Child)

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Yobeeone said...

And for those who have been d'xd with cancer, go to Livestrong to get your free survivorship notebook from Lance to help you deal with cancer.

YO (grandfatherless thanks to lung cancer)