Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fox Releases Censored Portions of Clinton Interview

Fox News released previously unaired portions of the now famous heated exchange between Chris Wallace and Former President Bill Clinton that took place on Sunday.

Clinton quickly became enraged when Wallace questioned him concerning the failure of his administration to eliminate terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Clinton accused Wallace of wearing a "little smirk" and thinking he was "very clever." In response, Wallace shook his head and giggled like a little girl.

Following the show, Clinton told reporters that he regretted losing his temper with Wallace, "I regret the ugly turn the interview took, but he was just sitting there with that little smirk. He thinks he's so clever with his little smirk. Mr. Clever Smirky, Clever Old Smirky, Mr. Smirky Clever Clever, Mr. Smirkly O'Clever, Clever Smirkenstein, The Clevereeno, The Cleveree Smirkster, The Smirkinator - that's who he thinks he is. Clever Smirky Bastard."

Wallace later commented on Fox News that he was somewhat baffled by Clinton's behavior, "I don't want to say he's crazy, but I have two words for the former President 'Psy-cho.'"

Fox News released transcripts today which included the questions that were deleted for brevity.

Wallace: Mr. Clinton, what is your position on Paris Hilton?
Clinton: I have taken many positions on Paris Hilton in the past year.

Wallace: Have you seen any good movies lately?
Clinton: I thoroughly enjoyed Jackass: Number Two and of course, Girls Gone Wild - Underage and Loving It.

Wallace: Your hair seems unusually fluffy today Mr. President. What's your secret?
Clinton: Hot Rollers and AquaNet

Wallace: What's your take on the whole situation down there at "The View."
Clinton: I feel bad for Star Jones being out of work. She's way hotter than Rosie O'Donnell. Tell you what. Star, if you're watching this interview, come on down to my office and lets see if we can find a position that works for you.

Wallace: Who was the most exciting visitor you ever had in the Oval Office.
Clinton: Surprisingly enough, your wife.

Wallace: Do you feel Pluto should still be a planet?
Clinton: Well, its certainly more impressive than your Uranus?

Wallace: You want to take this outside you old windbag?
Clinton: Not before I have a chance to talk about Bill Clinton's Global Initiative.


yobeeone said...

ROFL!!!!! I repeat! You're demented! ROFL!!!

mist1 said...

Aquanet. Of course. I always wondered how his hair got that way.

Josie said...

Omigod, you are TOO funny. I LOVE it.

I watched that interview, by the way, and Mr. Clinton was actually very polite, but red, hot angry. Wow.

BTW, have you guess who my famous friend is? No one guessed.


ChiefMommy Owl said...

Hi Josie,
I'll guess over here just in case I'm right. There was a song by Alabama called Old Flame, so I guess one of the good old boys from Alabama - Randy Owen perhaps.


Josie said...

As much as I love Alabama, not it wasn't one of them. In a very strange way, you're sort of close.


Bubby said...

Where are the yogurt parfaits?

Anonymous said...

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