Monday, October 30, 2006

Rocking of the White Sweat Pants - Postponed due To Laryngitis

Rock veterans the Rolling Stones have been forced to postpone their second concert in three days due to the throat problems of big lipped frontman Mick Jagger. Tuesday, the Stones postponed a show at New York's famed Beacon theater and Monday, they postponed a show just hours before it was set to begin in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Stones fans had already begun to arrive at the New Jersey arena when the announcement was made that the concert would not be played that evening.

Fan disappointed reached almost frenzied levels amidst rumors that the concert would have heralded the return of Mick Jagger's famous rockin white sweat pants.

Dairy Queen Blizzard Technician and longtime Stones fan, Connie McGregor was in tears as she left the venue, "I can't believe the concert has been cancelled. I just wanted to see Mick rocking those white sweatpants one more time before I die or he dies."

Ticketmaster employee, Jedd Stevens was forced to close his ticket window to ward off the thousands of fans demanding refunds, "People are just really ticked off that Mick didn't show up to rock the white sweatpants. It isn't ticketmaster's fault that the white sweat pants aren't here."

CNN correspondent Wolf Blitzer was on the scene covering the concert and had this comment to make, "Fan consensus is that the show should have gone on due to the fact that Jagger's singing is secondary to his legendary rocking of the white sweat pants. On a personal level, it's enough to make a grown man cry."

A Rolling Stones spokesperson released a statement today apologizing to the fans and promising to reschedule the missed dates, "The Rolling Stones are anxious to make amends for the fans' inconvenience. Concert dates will be rescheduled for early spring when Mick will be rocking both the white sweat pants and the spandex purple v-neck."

In the meantime: Ladies (and Gents) start your engines!


mist1 said...

When those pants go up for auction, I am there!

Erik Donald France said...

Hey Chief,
Did they get to play for Bill Clinton and co.? That's what I want to know ;) I "seen" the Stones several times. The only outfit that stands out in my mind was a Philadelphia Eagles jersey Mick wore while dropping roses from a cherry picker in Veterans' Stadium. I "got me some" pix of that one, which I lucked into.

Sara's Varolo Village said...

According to Yahoo, they did play for Clinton's 60th bash. The article didn't mention whether or not he wore the sweat pants. I've never seen them live, and something tells me I never will.

Sara :)

Anonymous said...

Surely mick jagger need a sore throat in order to sing?

white knickers are always a mistake, when will people learn

Anonymous said...

Shadowfalcon: "white knickers are always a mistake, when will people learn"


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mick's lips. They're so big - he could give New Jersey a hickie! (yo sits giggling like and idiot)

By the way, the video reminded me of why I never liked the Stones. ROFL!!!!! I'm going to go watch Yehuda Glantz now and try to remove the image of Mick's pants from my tiny virgin mind. ROFL

Laura said...

Even rock stars can't keep illness at bay. You think he could have canceled a bit sooner than after the fans were there waiting for him to perform. I mean, its not like he didn't know he had Laryngitis until the last minute.

Anonymous said...

I amazed the concert isn't postponed due to the band members being walking corpses. ;)


ZZZZZZZ said...

You don't wear white pants! you just don't! haha. He always looks like he is sick to me. skeletal really....

Anonymous said...

(Ooops, wrong pants!)

Nice dance moves Mickey!

"I amazed the concert isn't postponed due to the band members being walking corpses. ;)" speakers, some strong aftershave and bit of string attached to the rafters... no problem!

Jo said...

I saw the Stones live on Keith's 50th birthday. I was mayhem. Who would believe they'd still be going today? Well, I guess they're slowing down, aren't they?



(I'm baaack)

Anonymous said...

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