Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nation SHOCKED by Gibson tirade - sorta

Coincidence - I think not.

Following antisemitic remarks he made during a drunken DWI tirade, actor Mel Gibson has been quick to extend an olive branch to the Jewish community. In a magnanimous gesture, Gibson offered to meet with Jewish community leaders to discuss ways that he could bridge the newly made gap with the Jews.

Rabbis and community leaders alike have been quick to accept Gibson's offer. Rabbi Shlomo Goldsmith of Temple Israel of Los Angeles told reporters, "I'd love to meet with Gibson. I have already penciled him into Tuesday's schedule. The schedule now reads: 9 A.M. Bar Mitzvah Lessons, 11 A.M. Bury Larry Fine, 1 P.M. Lunch with bigot.

Rabbi Harold Finkel of Congregation Oratid of Greater Washington told the press, "I'm really looking forward to meeting with Gibson. I mean, he's a pig and all, but those Lethal Weapon movies rocked."

Anti Defamation League President and Self Loathing Jew Abe Foxman told the Washington Post, "I wish people would just give Mel a break. What did he say that was really so bad? Not only did I invite Mel out to dinner, I invited him over to my house to go swimming afterwards. We might even go clubbing"

Finally, Rabbi Morris Haskel of Temple Bagels and Lox of Albuquerque New Mexico said, "So what if he said we start all of the wars. We do start all of the wars. We also control the media, the banks and the congress. I told Mel Gibson to go jump in a (expletive deleted) lake."


Yobeeone said...

We rule Hollywood especially! M-G-M doesn't stand for Monkeys-Goyim-Morons, ya know!

We also rule the bagel and cream cheese industry! Bagels! They remind me of our Israeli leadership's heads. Round on the outside and nothing in the middle.

Welcome back Chief! And let me just say - IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! (big happy grin)

Michael C said...

The photo comparison is a bit scary, but right on and very well done!

What a great blog you've got. I really enjoyed looking through your past posts (say that a few times fast!)

Mo and The Purries said...

Welcome back, Chief. Missed your wicked witticisms.

Red Tulips said...

michael C:

I was thinking about Saddam when I saw the photo of Mel, haha, but the photo comparison speaks volumes, doesn't it?!