Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lance Bass Gay and Roses are Red

Former Nsync member Lance Bass told reporters in a press conference last week that he is gay and he is currently dating Amazing Race winner Reichen Lemkuhl.

Legions, of young girls across the world were left shell shocked by the news that their teen heartthrob would rather be dating some guy named Steve.

In a White House Press conference, President Bush expressed his surprise over Bass's announcement, "I'm am just shocked. I haven't been this shocked since Rosie O'Donnell came out of the closet."

In other news, grass is green. The sky is blue and Sam Donaldson wears a touppee.


jbwritergirl said...

All the good ones are usually on the other team so to speak.

Sorry I've been remiss in commenting but I'm trying to change jobs. I'm still reading so don't worry.

Glad you're back to normal!

Yobeeone said...

Lance is gay? It's nice to know at least he's a happy chap. Oh! Wait a minute! You mean gay! Fairy fly! Tinklebell! Sorry! I got confused! Allergies, ya know. Totally effects the brain.

Red Tulips said...


Well, being gay gay can also mean happy. :-p