Thursday, May 25, 2006

Superaremos algún día

In an attempt to save a California Community garden from development, sixties icon and current washed up has been, Joan Baez perched herself atop of a spruce tree and spewed political rhetoric.

Before beginning her shrill vocal stylings,Baez had this to say to reporters, "It's an extraordinary community of people and creativity in this industrial part of the city and it literally gives life every way,(Actual Quote!)" While the reporters stood around looking at each other and wondering what the heck she was talking about, she added, "I wonder what to do if I have to pee while I'm up in the tree."

Baez sang several songs including a Spanish version of the classic, "We shall overcome." Due to the height of the tree and the moderate westerly winds no one could hear a damn thing, which was very unfortunate for the nine people who showed up to hear her sing. Jim Festerman, a local golf course attendant, fondly remembers Baez's penchence for activism in the sixties, "I'm not even sure why I'm here, but if Baez is up in that spruce you know it's important."

During a white house press conference, President George Bush had this to say when asked for comment on the issue, "Joan Baez is up in a tree, no one told me Joan Baez was up in a tree. Put the war in Iraq on ice for a while Condi, we have more important issues to deal with."

Saving the garden from demolition will cost an estimated 16 million dollars. Concerning the cost Splash star Darryl Hannah had this to say to the L.A. times , " We've come up with $6 million, which is unbelievable. If everyone in the city just gave one dollar, this place could be saved."
(This is an actual quote. She really said that. Oh vomit.)

Local police reported that the only disturbance occurred when a couple of local huntsman mistook Baez for a large opossum and attempted to shoot her down. Sergeant Larry Helms commented, " Well, she does have a very opossum like hair do." No injuries were reported.

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Anonymous said...

She has a strange resemblance to the possum the dog killed last week. think the possum has been reincarnated? Poor possum. LOL